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Create Unique Popup Cards in Minutes ...

Not hours! Bring your cards in to the 3rd dimension! Create popup cards and origamic architecture (otherwise known as Kirigami) in no time. With Popup Card Studio™ you will be able to create and edit in three dimensions allowing you to get a visual representation of your project that is as close to life as possible.

Popup Card Studio™ will allow you to export in SVG, PDF and 3DS formats along with sending directly to your cutting machine (such as the KNK Zing™). There are so many editing features that you will be able to do most or even all your work right inside Popup Card Studio™.

Please Note: Make The Cut!™ is not required in order to use this software! It is only needed if you would like to cut directly to your cutting machine instead of exporting to SVG or PDF, first.

Popup Card Studio’s Features...

Virtual Snapshot technology
Virtual Snapshot
Export to SVG, PDF, Printer or Machine
An Intuitive Interface
A Free Online Gallery