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  • Simple, Yet Powerful

    We took all the best features of Make The Cut! and added them to Popup Card Studio™. Split, Layer, Join, Weld, Boolean Join, etc. are all there making it a familiar interface.

  • Works With Make The Cut! and Inkscape

    If you have Make The Cut!™ and/or Inkscape™ installed, you can copy and paste SVG data to and from it.

  • Send Directly To Your Cutting Machine

    If you have Make The Cut! installed with the plug-in to your machine, Popup Card Studio™ will allow you to send the cutting data directly to your machine

  • Export To SVG and PDF

    Popup Card Studio™ exports rendered templates to vector format allowing you to import them in to your favorite vector editing software such as Inkscape, Illustrator or Make The Cut!

  • Full Printer Support

    You can print directly to your printer (mirrored or otherwise) with your lines color coded based on fold or cut

  • Mountain, Valley and Hinge Lines

    Popup Card Studio™ separates three specific fold lines from the cut lines. You can specify how fold lines look as well as how the cut lines work

  • One Piece Of Paper Is All You'll Need

    All cards created with Popup Card Studio™ will only need one piece of paper. No gluing, either. Simply design, cut then fold!

  • Import SVG Files

    It's fun to see a two dimensional graphic turn in to a three dimensional object. You can import all your SVG vector graphics. Retains layers and colors as well

  • Work In Three Dimensions

    Popup Card Studio™ allows you to work in three dimensions giving you full control of how layers should work... even with transparency

  • Watch How It Folds

    Popup Card Studio™ allows you to fold the card from 1 degree up to 179 degrees. You can also work on the card when it's folded at any degree

  • Virtual Snapshot

    Powered by POV-Ray, Virtual Snapshot gives you the power of ray-tracing without the complication. This feature will allow you to see what your card will look like in real life without having to cut it out first

  • Customizable Interface

    Popup Card Studio's interface is customizable. You can move toolbars where you need them and even change the color of the interface

  • A User-Contributed Online Gallery

    Coming Soon: As soon as we have enough user-contributed SVGs and Cards, we will allow all users to download and use them in their own projects

  • Powered by OpenGL™

    Popup Card Studio™ is powered by the industry standard OpenGL. A majority of video cards, old and new, will be able to handle OpenGL without driver updates

  • Created By Crafters

    Popup Card Studio™ was created by crafters. Just like you, we are do-it-yourself kind of people. We have been heavily involved in the crafting industry for the past 4 years. We understand how crafters think and how they work